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A woman can become pregnant WHILE ON her period.


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Yes. A women can get pregnant anytime.


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yes she can. Anytime you have sex pregnancy is a possibility. just sometimes have a higher chance then others


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Ancient Hacker - getting pregnant is NOT an exact science. Hormonal fluctuations can cause early periods, late periods (meaning early ovulation, late ovulation) There are documented cases of women getting pregnant on every single day of a cycle (including the not-normal days for getting pregnant).

Pregnancy can only occur in the few days following ovulation (the release of an egg). This usually takes place at some point in the middle of a woman's menstrual cycle, between her periods. Unfortunately, women have no definite way of knowing exactly when they are ovulating, so there is no guaranteed "safe" time to have unprotected sex.

Sperm can survive inside the body for several days while they wait for an egg to be released, and the egg takes several days to travel to the uterus, meaning a woman can potentially become pregnant over quite a long period of time. This is why even unprotected sex during a woman's period can sometimes result in pregnancy. If she has irregular periods (as many girls do in the first few years of menstruation), "safe" days can be particularly difficult to predict. Some couples do use the so-called 'rhythm' method as a form of contraception (i.e. only having sex on certain days), but the success rate is not high, and it also offers no protection from STDs such as HIV.


Answer from Ancient_Hacker
Somewhat unlikely. She can only get pregnant during the 24 hours after ovulation, which happens on like day 14, plus or minus a day. 3 days after the period is like day 7, sperm will live to like day 11. That leaves about 3 days of margin, which is not huge, but covers about 95% of cases. So the chance is like 5% times the 20% chance of implantation, so about a 1% chance approximately.

But that's per event-- if you do this every month, in a year there's going to be a 12% chance, which is getting mighty risky.

Better start using BC.

"Yes. A women can get pregnant anytime. "

Am amazing statement, as it's not quite totally and provably false, but it's *soooo close*.

On the one hand, it's definitely safer to ASSUME that it's true and always take precautions, because the downside is mighty pricey, like a big interruption of your life plans and $180,000.

But it really, really, isn't true.

Here's the straight scoop:

(1) A woman can only get pregnant during the 24 hours every 28 days after ovulation. ( Perhaps you see how different this is from the misleading statement: "A women can get pregnant anytime" )

(2) This window is extended somewhat as the male sperms can live for about 4 days. This extends the window to be from about 4 days before ovulation to one day after. So we're talking a 5-day window-- note how different this is from "A women can get pregnant anytime".

(3) So we're up to a 5-day window, 4 before ovulation to one after. The question now is: when is ovulation: The scientific answer is: day 14, plus or minus a day, covers 85% of ovulations. The remaining 15% of ovulations are closely clustered around there too.

So a picky person would be a lot more comfortable with the statement: "Impregnation is only possible, 85% of the time, between days 10 and 15".

Rather than "A women can get pregnant anytime"

I know, it's best to assume the latter, and that might excuse spreading that little false nugget of wisdom, but really, 99% of the time it's just NOT TRUE.