Answer from Fancyfree

I had this problem earlier this month, needed a new spin dryer belt and pulley. I think the drum is meant to be

reasonably loose to work properly.  Ask the repair man when he comes to give it a good check over.  Mine is working well now, probably better than before because the belt was worn. I bought this machine in 1983 with a tumble dryer to match and they've given me good usage.  I hope you resolve your problem without too much expense.  Regards.



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Any chance you are running a single item? I had that problem with a single jacket, and found out you need at least two items to balance the load. Throw in a towel or something; that's a free experiment.


Get a new belt. If it is getting loose/old it doesn't work as well and needs to be replaced.


It could also be that the pump isn't working properly any more and need to be replaced.