Answer from TurboB
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Dr. Oz is a media gadfly who needs to actually check factual evidence before he presents false statistics as proof.

However, to answer the question. kids have sex. That's what they do. Has nothing to do with being sad, or needing love. And, to prevent unwanted pregnancies, the solution is to give them access to free condoms and birth control - without their parents having to consent.

Planned Parenthood is an excellent source for pregnancy prevention. Too bad their funding is being cut due to people not understanding what their main purpose it, and choosing instead to call them abortion factories.

I know kids are curious and it feels good/feels like love. I was not happy when my kids were taught in school...sex words/sex education and more and survey about drugs/sex etc. I think it makes them think everyone is doing it and they are left out. Thanks for your ideas.


Answer from TheLightWorks
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maybe start by no longer presenting sex as a harmless pastime with no adverse side effects?

I think there is too much sex on TV...they think having it is normal. Free condoms given out? I agree....I think they don't see the consequences on TV or real life enough.... Thanks.


Answer from Gary4books
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The United States continues to have one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the developed world—more than twice as in Canada (27.9 per 1,000 women aged 15–19 in 2006) or Sweden (31.4 per 1,000).


We have no rules anymore? Thanks.

I have lots of rules. I suspect you do too.

So what is the problem?

Parents maybe absent, sick, too busy etc. Kids having kids...do they know how to be a parent?

My sister's child was pregnant. She had just gone to the big city to work and her father had died suddenly. She was alone and it happened. She was a good girl. But shen needed someone to love her. So they said so.


Answer from MrItty
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The first thing you can do is stop listening to crackpots who call themselves "Doctor". The figure is closer to 4%, not 1 in 6 (which would be about 17%)

Dr. Oz is not always right. His advise is half wrong in my opinion, but the issue has been on TV alot since the show about teen pregnancy and Bristol Palin. They don't even care now if a kid is pregnant in high school. Allow them to attend as if it is normal. I think a long time ago it was too shameful...which I think is too mean to a kid, but now it is too acceptable maybe. Thanks.


Answer from Directmale
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I was watching a 60 minutes show a decade or so ago where they were interviewing a social worker. When they asked her why so many young girls had babies her reply was "How else are they going to have an income ?". That is the attitude that is hurting the black and other minority communities.

I think some learn it...feel more secure with a way to have an income due to teen fathers not helping with money. It maybe the only way of life they know which is modeled for them. I think they want the unconditional love of a baby too. Maybe they have nothing to wait for...no other goals in life. Thanks.


Answer from Trekincat
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Lock both boys and girls up in chastity devises until they are 21
And yes they do make male chastity devices.

They are also underage drinking. Where are the parents? Working? Thanks.

Working, out partying themselves, and in denial that their little angels would EVER do anything wrong.
Back in my day if I had done even a 10th of what todays teens are doing I'd have had all hell to pay.
Parents these days are too afraid of their kids to punish them, too often the kid screams abuse, when NONE has taken place, the little brat is just mad at mommy and daddy for not letting them stay out all night on a school night. So they scream abuse, the parents then have to fight all that crap in court.
UGH!! I just get so frakking mad!!!