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You can download software that does this for you for free.

There are several different options to choose from on this site.
Sources: http://3d2f.com/tags/historical/intraday/data/


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marketwatch has the best free charts on the internet.

MarketWatch.com, published by Dow Jones & Company, tracks the pulse of markets for engaged investors with more than 16 million visitors per month. The site is a leading innovator in business news, personal finance information, real-time commentary and investment tools and data, with dedicated journalists generating more than 1,400 headlines, stories and market briefs a day from 10 bureaus in the U.S., London and Hong Kong. In addition, MarketWatch offers subscription products for individual investors, including the Hulbert Financial Digest suite of products, Retirement Weekly and ETF Trader. The MarketWatch Radio Network also provides radio updates every 30 minutes. MarketWatch.com is a member of The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, which includes WSJ.com, Barrons.com, AllThingsD.com, BigCharts.com and VirtualStockExchange.com.
Sources: http://www.marketwatch.com/tools/quotes/intchart.asp



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Try one of the online trading sights like ScottTrade or ETrade. You can also get extensively detailed charts on Wall Street Journa's site. Most of these sites will provide the more detailed charts and information but only for pay members. I'm unaware of any site that provides that level of detail free of charge, but I haven't been to ALL of the sites of that genre.


The site StockCharts.com has a free charts section that includes something they call a "SharpChart" that you can set for different durations, from daily up to more than 3 years. Lots of options to customize analytic tools, too.