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Depends on what the photos are of

Since the compression in jpg depends on what is on the picture the file sizes differ, but my best estimate is that for an average photo 3.5MB, so 1GB would hold about 280-350 photos.


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Probably close to 300 photos

Hi boardgirl, congrats on the new camera! I've recommended earlier versions of that camera to several of my friends and they've all loved them.

According to this crucial.com memory card guide, a 1GB memory card will hold 264 photos. They based this figure on a filesize of 3.7MB per photo. But I won't be surprised if you fit 300 or more photos.

Why do I say that? Because Crucial also says an 8 megapixel image filesize is 4.2MB, and a 1GB card should hold 232 images.

I've got an 8 megapixel 30D, and right now I've got a card in my reader that's holding 254 JPEG images, and they're only taking up 546MB. That's an average filesize of 2.4MB. Granted, some of my photos are black and white, but that's still a considerable difference.

I suspect that Crucial errs on the conservative side by using a larger than average size for their calculations. People would complain if they advertised the card as being able to hold 300, but it only held 280.

Now why do filesizes vary? I compiled a few samples of my photos to demonstrate some of the factors that I've found influence file size:

  1. Photos with predominantly green colours (1 & 2) tend to be larger than photos that are predominantly red or blue (3&4). I'm not sure why this is.
  2. Colour photos in general (1-4) tend to be smaller than black and white photos (5), simply because there is less data to be stored.
  3. Photos with more fine detail (1&2) tend to be larger than photos with larger expanses of solid colour or texture (3&4). For example, a photo of a smooth, made up model's face would probably be significantly smaller than one showing the minute details of an elderly person's wrinkled face.
Enjoy the camera. Make sure you get a case for it, because you don't want to get that LCD scratched.

A friend of mine recently bought an A530 which is pretty much the same dimensions - 90 x 64 x 43 mm versus 91 x 64 x 43 mm for your A550. The case I recommended was a Lowepro D-Res 10 AW (available on Amazon for $15.99). It was a very snug fit - just enough space for a spare memory card, but not spare batteries.

Lowepro has a new line called the Apex. It's got a thick rubber 'boot' to help protect the camera. Take a look at the Apex 60 AW (Amazon has them under $25).

This one is more spacious, so you should be able to fit spare batteries and memory card too. It's also got a built-in all weather cover to protect the case if you get caught in the rain. Take a look at the fourth alternate view on the lowepro link I included.
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380 typical, 312 at biggest size and highest quality, 8634 at smallest size and lowest quality.

Nice camera, congratulations.


The number of images depends on the picture size and the picture quality, which are both camera settings.

Size can be set to 640x480 (small) 1600x1200 (medium3), 2048x1536(medium2),2592x1944(medium1), 3072x2304(large), or 3072x1728(widescreen).

Quality can be set to normal, fine, or superfine.


You can see the exact number of images for all combinations of these on Canon's web site.

Look at http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=ModelTechSpecsAct&fcategoryid=145&;modelid=14824

In the "number of recordable images" table, look at the row marked 512mb and double whatever number is there for 1gb.


The numbers range from 312 pictures for large/superfine to 8,634 pictures for small/normal.

Typical settings would be:

- medium3/fine for pictures that you'll look at on a computer (1658 pictures)

- medium1/superfine for pictures you will print at between 4x6 and 8x10 prints (380 pictures)

- large/superfine for pics you will print larger than 8x10 (312 pictures)


Another thing to consider though is batteries.  With the LCD on, you'll get 140 shots on regular alkaline batteries or 500 shots on Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.  I'd recommend getting Eneloop rechargeables shown below.  They last even longer than that.


Happy shooting.


Sources: Canon, USA web site.
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I would estimate about 285

I'm going to assume you take all your pictures at highest resolution, best quality JPEG (otherwise, why buy a nice camera?).  Please be aware that the storage space will vary greatly, picture to picture, depending on the subject matter.  JPED is a compressed format (to save space) and the more complex your subject is (lots of colors, lots of detail) the bigger the file will be.  I use a Canon Digital Rebel, which is 6.3 megapixels, and I took a look at one of my folders and the file sizes ranged from just under 2 MB to over 5 MB.  It averaged out to just under 3MB.  Adjusting for your larger 7.1 megapixels, you'll probably average 3.5 MB per picture.  A 1GB card, with 3.5MB files, should average about 285 pictures on the card. 


If you think you'll take more picutures than that, between downloads, you might want to pick up a second card, or plan to bring a laptop or portable harddrive to download the photos to.  The second card is probably the easier option. :)  Good luck and happy shooting!

Sources: personal experience


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A 1GB card on a 7.1 mexapixel camera will hold 264 photos

7 megapixel camera (3056 x 2296)
File size: 3.7MB
Card size Number of photos
128MB 33
256MB 66
512MB 132
1GB 264
2GB 527
Sources: http://www.crucial.com/library/guides/flash/page02.asp


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