Answer from dougiedognabit
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Contact an ob-gyn doctor's office about it.

Contacting strangers on a q@a site is not the best route here, dear.

You will want the best care for yourself and child...you won't find it here, I'm afraid.


Answer from Schelli
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Any kind of unexpected pain in a pregnancy can be bad and should be reported to your ob/gyn/physician.


Answer from HarCynLey3
I agree with the previous two answers. I strongly feel you need to be seen by your doctor. I've had two ectopic pregnancies (Where the baby basically gets stuck in your tube instead of planting itself in the uterus. Tube bursts and pregnancy needs to be terminated.) and they are not fun at all and the pain just gets worse until emergency surgery is needed. I also know if you have a small frame, you are young and not fully developed, the pain could be normal as your body stretches with the growth of the baby. None of us are your doctor and I would feel better if you get things checked.