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Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

The Section 8 Rental Voucher Program increases affordable housing choices for very low-income households by allowing families to choose privately owned rental housing. The public housing authority (PHA) generally pays the landlord the difference between 30 percent of household income and the PHA-determined payment standard-about 80 to 100 percent of the fair market rent (FMR). The rent must be reasonable. The household may choose a unit with a higher rent than the FMR and pay the landlord the difference or choose a lower cost unit and keep the difference.

Several assistance programs exist under Section 8. Together, the voucher and certificate programs help more than 1.4 million households in the United States. The administering PHA or governmental agency inspects the housing units to make sure they comply with HUD quality standards. The voucher program is similar to the Section 8 certificate program but gives households more choices, especially in high-demand markets where landlords may be reluctant to accept HUD's FMR level .

Type of Assistance:
Through the Section 8 Rental Voucher Program, the administering housing authority issues a voucher to an income-qualified household, which then finds a unit to rent. If the unit meets the Section 8 quality standards, the PHA then pays the landlord the amount equal to the difference between 30 percent of the tenant's adjusted income (or 10 percent of the gross income or the portion of welfare assistance designated for housing) and the PHA-determined payment standard for the area. The rent must be reasonable compared with similar unassisted units.

Eligible Grantees:
PHAs may apply for funding to operate Section 8 programs. Since the start of the Indian Housing Block Grant program, Indian housing authorities are no longer eligible for Section 8 programs.
Sources: http://portal.hud.gov/portal/page/portal/HUD/topics/housing_choice_voucher_program_section_8


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How To Get Your Ex Back If You Lose The Home To Foreclosure?

October 16, 2009

In South Florida, many marriages and relationships are heading south or have already been deemed irreconcilable because of finances and often due to foreclosure. Most people who are wondering “how to get my ex back” are drama queens who drove the person off in the first place by being too controlling, emotional or needy in the first place. The first thing you need to do is get a grip on emotions such as jealousy, possessiveness and being territorial. These are the emotions that can have an ex deciding to stay away for good.

Instead of floundering when you think about “how to get my ex back” try instead to think about how you can improve yourself. Make it your goal to develop a No Drama policy. You want to do this because too much emotional drama is an energy drainer and it detracts from you getting back with your ex or moving on with someone new. It is simply stressful and bad for your emotional health.

Not only should you take control of your own tendencies towards creating unnecessary dramas you should also make sure that your ex can’t create drama either. Tell your ex you have a zero tolerance for drama now and that you have developed that with the goal of the two of you being together again. Refuse to speak to your ex if they cannot behave in a calm and civilized manner.

To put it succinctly, drama equals emotional blackmail. Every time you give in to it you are letting your ex known that the toxic behavior that separated you in the first place is okay.

Your best way to deal with a drama queen (male or female) is to simply not acknowledge her. Be powerfully silent and indifferent. Refuse to engage! He or she will probably be enraged and you may have to cut him or her off for a while but that is good. You want him or her wondering “how to get my ex back” and not the other way around.
Sources: http://www.robinashley.com/2009/10/16/how-to-get-your-ex-back/



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It depends on why you loose it. If it was because you made to much money, now you don't make so much money anymore, then get in line again. If you did something to screw it up, then your chances are pretty slim. There are plenty of people out there willing to play by the rules.