Answer from JayD
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Sure it is... with mathematical certainty

If you have more calories going out (in work) then coming in then simple mathematics will force your body to delve into even hard to get to fat stores for energy.  At 63 I would recommend something low impact that has a high potential for calorie burining like a LifeCycle recumbant exercise bike or a concept2 rowing machine (www.concept2.com).  My preference is for the concept2 as there is no unconfortable focus points (such as legs for the bike)... the exercise is spread out evenly over your entire body.  Though boring... you can position it facing a TV and make your TV watching time contructive (to your health)... you can also take part in the Concept2 incentives and motivational competitions and work on personal goals within their on-line log system.


Try out a C2 at your local gym to see if it is something you could do and then buy one to have at home.  Build up to 60 minute workouts at escalating intensity level and make it a way of life.  The fat will come off and you will be around a lot longer.  The C2 has singlehandedly made the largest difference in my health than any other thing I have ever done.  I wish that on you too.


Sources: Personal experience


Answer from Judi
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Sure, but loose skin....

Congratulations on your commitment to better health! You are an inspiration and proof that it is never to late to start taking care of your body.


Of course you can loose belly fat or any fat. Sometimes people confuse belly fat with loose skin or poor muscle tone. The muscle tone can be fixed and at 60 it is very important to work on your core muscles! The reason some old people schuffle around is because their core has deteriorated and they have nothing to balance with. 60 is a great age to start working on that so you have stability when you're 80!


The less you weigh the less calories your body needs to maintain your weight. So if you are at a slump you either need to reduce your calorie intake further or increase your exercise.


Now if the problem is loose skin, the only cure I know of is a tummy tuck. It is painful, expensive  and the recovery is tougher than a C section but I am sooooooo happy with my results. My tummy is flatter than it was as a teenager.  I would not hesitate to make the same decision again.


Congratulations again on your weight loss and commitment to exercise. You inspire me!  

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Answer from newbie2842978
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Yes, Theresa Tapp has an excellent program!

I love her system! People of all ages successfully use her program. Her basic program is 15 minutes and it really works. It shrank my baby belly in half after only 9 days of using her program.

It isn't a jump around, hop around program, but it gets your heart rate up nicely and burns fat and tones. You don't need machines or mats or music, either.
Sources: http://www.t-tapp.com



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Sure. I am a guy and 66 and working on the same problem.


Judi, regarding your answer "Sure, but loose skin....":Not loose, just thick..I am working on it!