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Learn a british accent for free online

How to Speak With a British Accent

Interested in having a convincing British dialect? Learn how to speak with a British accent in this free entertainment video series.

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It is great fun to be able to sound like a British gangster, James Bond, or a character out of Jane Austen or Charles Dickens. Actors are often required to do British accents when playing roles on the stage, screen or television. Knowing how to speak in a British dialect is an important tool for an actor, comedian, performer or entertainer. Even class clowns and office jokesters will find that a British accent can add to their fun. In this free entertainment video series, a professional communications instructor gives helpful hints on how to speak with a British accent. Discover important aspects of learning accents such as paying attention to pronunciation, pitch characteristics, stress patterns and placement. Get tips on the distinctive British pronunciations of the long and short O, the AW sound, long E, ARY combinations, short A, the EU glide, the R drop and the pure TT. Also, get a list of unique words that should be memorized.
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British Accent: Pronunciation, Not Listening
Using a British accent is learned through pronunciation. Pronouncing words is more important than listening to them when learning to speak with a British dialect. Learn how to speak with a British accent in this free entertainment video.

British Accent: Practice
Master a British accent through plenty of practice. Receive exercises for integrate sounds into dialogue. Learn how to speak with a British accent in this free entertainment video.

British Accent: Placement
Placement is possibly the most essential component in making a British accent authentic and consistent. Learn how to speak with a British dialect in this free entertainment video.

British Accent: The Long O
A convincing British accent, adds an E sound before the long O. Learn how to speak with a British dialect in this free entertainment video.

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Learn a British accent from website below.

If you’re looking for British accent training lessons, please begin by downloading the free British accent training manual. Click on the link below:
Lessons for British accent training

Usually, when people learn to speak a second language, they use the sounds and pronunciation rules (and often grammar) of their native language. This is what gives them an accent. They are not aware of the British set of “speech rules”. That’s because they were never taught this in school. Their teachers probably were not native English speakers and they were not aware of such things.

This can be a big problem because speaking with a heavy accent can lead to misunderstanding. A strong foreign accent can affect job prospects. However , by acquiring a better British accent people can have better communication with potential employers, clients, colleagues and staff.

There are many schools and classes which teach English all around the world. However, most of them are focused on word lists and grammar rules. Very few of them address the “speech rules”. This is because many of the teachers are not native English speakers and they simply do not know of these “speech rules”. Many of them are even making errors themselves, speaking with a strong regional accent and teaching all of those things to you!

One more big problem – most English schools teach written English. The students are “studying English” instead of listening and speaking. That’s a real disaster. The students are not prepared for real speech in the real world. They can do very well at English tests, but they can’t understand native speakers with their native English accents, and the native speakers can not understand them.

If you are often asked to repeat yourself when you speak English, then you definitely need to improve your British accent. It is not only a question of the pronunciation of different sounds, but also of speech melody and word connections.

When children learned their first language, they constructed a mental inventory of their native language’s speech sounds. Those sounds became a part of their speech. When they are learning a second language, they insert these speech sounds into the new language, in our case into English. Now, when they speak English, they reach into that inventory and come out with many substitute sounds. Some of them are close, but actually incorrect. These repeated errors in conversation with native speakers often cause them to be misunderstood.

How to learn a British accent? In order to master an English accent you must first immerse yourself in audio training by listening to the native speaker and doing repeating exercises many times.

If you are looking for help in the learning of British accent, please visit this site

Source: http://www.britishaccent.net/