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Read all sorts of tips, HERE:



Post By Marsha Antenucci (Guest Post) (01/06/2007)
Hi..that HGTV Salvage article on Building the sofa out of doors gave me a good idea....I will use the same idea except I will substitute thick plywood for the doors...cause I don't know where to get salvaged doors...lol. I will basically build a reinforced box base and a plywood back, then cover in foam, then upholster, then add pillows. I think I will reinforce the box wih 2x4's.


Post By leo (Guest Post) (11/23/2006)
hello, every one, i am work for a sofa factory in china, i know all the process to make a beautiful and comfortable sofa. but it's very complex, and my english is poor , can't express what i want to say. if some body want to know how to make a sofa, pls contact me. my email is leosofa AT gmail.com


Post By Faith (Guest Post) (11/22/2006)
Try funkysofa.com


Post by uncertainid (1) | (10/25/2006)
Once your platform or frame is built you can use a baby crib mattress (new or used) wrapped in a quilt batting and then covered with your own hand stitched cover for a seat. Loose pillows or covered foam blocks should make a nice back.


Post By chris from houston (Guest Post) (09/25/2006)
I too have been interested in building a sofa for years and have seldom recieved good info.Recently ,however ive purchased an out of print book from the 60's that gives all apprpriate techniques.contact me at : cthomas AT us-wireless.net and I'll be happy to fax or email you copies. Oops I just noticed the upload button. I'll add this page to my favorites and try to get back to you soon. e-mail me if you are still interested.


Post By Craig (Guest Post) (09/24/2006)
Kelly, for a great place to buy foam, try here:


Found the link here:


Which will no doubt be of great interest to you all. There is also a story there about building a bed frame, good read.

I built the foam mattress and can attest that it's more comfortable than my $1600 Joseph Abboud mattress. And yes, that's $1600 for just the mattress. Horrible stiff thing.


Post By (Guest Post) (09/22/2006)
It's worth taking a look at the selection of woodworking magazines in any bookstore, then browse around their webpages. Many wordworking magazine now have plans available (generally for sale at minimal cost). For example, WOOD magazine has 3 or 4 different sofa plans on their website - including a very nice set of mission style furniture - sofa, chair, side tables etc... at http://store.woodstore.net/furniture.html.

Remember, almost any sofa plan can be converted to a loveseat by shortening the length of the bench.


Post By Eric (Guest Post) (09/18/2006)
All the talk but there is no real answer. Too bad......


Post by Jantoo (78) | (08/22/2006)
Thanks for your good and expert ideas on rehabbing a sofa. I have my mother's 40-year-old custom-made sofa. Can't bear to toss out real wood, quality furniture, but it's in tough shape. Guess I'll use some upholstery cleaner on it, just leave the dilapidated hardware in there, lay 1" plywood over it or weave webbing around the frame, re-do the cushions with foam and fiberfill, and make liberal use of throw pillows and afghans. Yesterday I had some surprise dental work done (not everything is diy), and really appreciate your money-saving decorating tips.


Post By kelly (Guest Post) (07/26/2006)
Well What I need to know is where I can find foam at. I don't want to go to like walmart or somewhere like that. I was wanting like a big sheet of it. But I didn't want to have to spend an arm and a leg on it any ideas on where i could find something like this?


Post By Tanner Hall (Guest Post) (05/22/2006)
http://www.woodzone.com/Merchant2/m ... D&Product_Code=715240&Category_Code=
This is the coolest couch plan i have been able to find. I am thinking about making a couch as well, this plan is expensive but it looks very nice


Post By Kyle (Guest Post) (03/30/2006)
I am looking to build a sofa as well, the idea has been in my mind constantly.
I just want to build a wooden box frame about 8" tall and the width and height of your typical sofa, with a 2x4 for support in the middle, and a hinged door, so that it opens up for storage. The top and bottom would just be 1" thick plywood. There would also be a piece of plywood attached to the top of the box frame at around 100 degrees. This whole box frame would be lifted off the ground about 8" with 6 steel legs (again 2 for support in the middle). Then I would upholster 6 foam cushions (3 as seats 3 as back support) and attach them to the wood structure with a clasp so they don't slide around.
So no fancy spring cushions, but excellent storage for my small condo and a lightweight appearance. Does anyone see any problems with this plan?


Post By (Guest Post) (03/23/2006)
weve just built two corner units for the childrens room with boxed storage underneath. it just means taking the cushions off and lifting the lid. Trying to find out if the seat cushions are best to be made of foam or polyester fibre?? can anyone help? will keep you all posted.


Post By Sandra Mac (Guest Post) (01/21/2006)
We came up with a plan a style that would utilize all the wasted space for storage under and build on end tables and also use for storage of books/magazines...but now need an outlet for the springs/upholstery fabrics inexpensive preferably.


Post By Ellie Mae Cat (Guest Post) (12/29/2005)
Alas, not all projects are worthwhile. Similarly not all projects are hopeless. Sofa building/renos fall into both these categories.

In my area, sofas often go on sale for about $400 and really nice second hand ones can be had for about $150. To re-upholster a sofa, plan on spending at least $75/seat for comfort and at least $75/seat for looks. But if you are really keen consider these categories:

The "upholstery is shot" sofa: if it's just cosmetic problems ( you spilled paint on it or it fights with your new decor) but the sofa is comfy, check out semi-fitted slipcovers at your local department store (walmart, sears etc) and/or get ideas at "surefit.com"

The "seats sag" sofa: if the upholstery is good, but the comfort factor is low, you can fix this for about 20$/cushion. I often see very nice leather sofas at the thrift store with this problem. It's super easy to fix. Go to your local fabric-by-the-yard store and buy 4 inch thick high density foam and some fibrefill webbing. Cut the foam carefully to size with scissors and wrap the fibrefill around the cushion and use this to replace the worn out cushion foam. If the springs in the seat sag, try cutting some thin plywood or panelling or even laminate flooring to 4 inch slats. Place slats between the springs and your cushions. You'll get spring without feeling the lumps.

Scandanavian style or casual style or colonial style: This is the sofa with the exposed wood frame and no fancy rolled arms. It is the very easiest sofa to retrofit to a certain size or to completely renovate. The frame can often be bought for a pittance at thrift stores. If you can get a good deal on foam and fabric, you can renovate one of these for about $40/seat. As above, replace the foam with high density wrapped with fibrefill. I like to wrap the foam in an envelope made from old sheets. Then copy the original cushion cover onto your new material, sew it up, add slats if the seat still sags (as above) and - congrats ! you have a new sofa. Also the frames are easily modified with a jig saw and some fittings from the local hardware store - if you want to change the size.

The total overhaul of the over-stuffed style of sofa: the cost/benefit will not be worth it unless it has special historical significance - either to you ( often called nostalgic) or to the world. Either way, it's best to have sofas in this category done professionally.


Post By al (Guest Post) (12/11/2005)

has step by step images documenting the process of reupholstering a stripped down sofa -may provide insight to the process of making a sofa


Post By Tom from Australia (Guest Post) (11/20/2005)
This appears to be what your looking for.....


Post By Amy (Guest Post) (11/07/2005)
If you search on Ebay under mod or retro furniture you can usually find an old book that will have plans for buliding the modern furnture it sounds like you all are wanting to build. If there are no auctions for those books, I have bought replacement foam for couches, high quality inexpensive upholstery fabric and metal furniture legs. You can buy your own wood for the base and any other things you need like "L" brackets at your local building supply store and you have all the makings of a pretty cool couch. Home Depot will even cut your wood for a very small fee.

Also, when I see a photo of a piece of furniture I really like, I save it into a folder so I will have references for when I start to build. I do this with everything from couches to vases, lamps and fabrics.

With some basic sewing skills, a drill/driver and a few Ikea pillows...you are all set


Post By Susan (Guest Post) (10/13/2005)
I, too, am looking to build a loveseat. I want to use my two cushions from my existing loveseat so I just want to build the frame. Anyone with a design idea, I'd love to hear form you. Thanks


Post by mhzlblnde (1) | (09/10/2005)
I too am building a sofa/couch. I moved into a condo and the livingroom is upstairs which makes it impossible for me to move in my leather sofa sleeper which is now in the garage/game room. I started building yesterday after spending over 200.00 on wood (?) but with simply using nails and a hammer. This didn't work, the nails split the wood. I have a living room full of wood if someone has some recommendations. Thanks Maggie mhzlblnde @ aol.com (remove spaces)


Post By (Guest Post) (08/15/2005)
I am in the process of making a modern couch (think West Elm meets Ikea) right now out for 1inch thick plywood, some L brackets, and several peices of 2x4 's I will keep you all posted!


Post By H. Mahmood (Guest Post) (07/29/2005)
I am also thinking a lot about it and ultimately reach to an idea. First make a sketch. then cutting wood according to that sketch. and so on.......
My limitation is that I do not have enough space to work on such projects. If I only had the space, I am sure I can and will do it.


Post By matilda (Guest Post) (07/20/2005)
Hi is good to know there is a lot of creative people.
I thought I was the only one with this Idia who wounld of thought that you will find this kind of information on the web. good luck everybody keep us posted with your procress.


Post By Simona (Guest Post) (06/23/2005)
Hello. I too would like to build my own sofa. I live in an apartment and have a very very limited budget. My desire to find an affordable sofa with a modern and square design has come up empty. I am particularly interested in the Snap Sofa that is advertised as part of the Todd Oldham collection for LaZBoy. My feeling is that the sofa is probably something that could be constructed at home if only there were plans. If anyone knows of plans to a similar project using either metal or wood I would appreciate it. My email is loberant@yahoo.com
Even if you just know of a retailer that offers somehting similar for a low price I would love to know about it too!


Post By Cathy Y O (Guest Post) (04/29/2005)

I have some experiece in furniture construction and design.

I found this web site because I too want to make a sectional for my home without cutting apart a sofa and love seat that we are currently using.

After searching http://www.thomasregister.com which lists manufacturers, I can find nothing.

I believe that I am going to design something that can be easily built.

Through my work I can buy fabrics, foam, and upholstery findings mill direct.

I will be in touch.

Cathy Y. O.
Overland Park, KS ( Kansas City area)


Post By Barb (Guest Post) (02/16/2005)
A wonderful alternative to building your own sofa is the products offered at http://www.homereserve.com

Each piece of furniture comes in boxes, ready to be assembled. Each piece of furniture has storage under the seat(s). If you want to replace your fabric, they have a price for replacement fabrics. And, the really cool thing is if you have to move, you can disassemble the whole thing and pack it in boxes to move. I just ordered a sofa, chair, ottoman, and pillows for my new apartment. The prices can't be beat, especially for all the bells and whistles.


Post By Katrina (Guest Post) (02/10/2005)
I am also researching how to build my own sofa. I was thinking of taking apart an old sofa and making it into the shape and size I want... the only problem is the building of the springs and such in order for it to be comfy.... any suggestions?


Post By Chris (Guest Post) (02/01/2005)
Im presently working on a couch. The woodframe (3/4 inch slices of birch plywood one nailed and glued on to of the other - so you can see the different layers of veneer) for my 3 seater couch is already done and Im presently looking for "how to do the foam and fabric".

In the beginning, I wanted to make a bedcouch; but it turned out that this may be harder to do than expected especially since I wanted to do the mechanism myself...and there is no guarantee that its gonna work. Additonally, I will produce two benches that can be hooked to the couch, so I get a surface 70" x 40" (6 inches short for tall guys like me...but hey, who sleeps all stretched out?)
. The top of the two benches on castors will have hinches, so I can store bedsheets and cushions...

Some information about cushions, foam and fabric would be helpful. Im sure I can share my experiences with woodworking in exchange!



Post By Bruno Leschi (Guest Post) (01/18/2005)
I got 2 brand-new sofas from auction (costco overstock) got em home- 2" too long/wide for doors. sitting in driveway under tarp $599Each- so what do I do? disassemble em? Plus the cushions are white canvas and will be dirty in no time; but I have tons of leather; should I rebuild the sofas from the ground up....once you get down to the frame and see what they're made of you can't believe ppl would pay that much for plywood bolts and cheap tarp fabric.: I'll keep ya'll posted -


Post by ThriftyFun (4089) | (04/21/2004)
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That is very cool, here's the link:
http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/dc_refurbi ... cle/0,1793,HGTV_3488_1389296,00.html


Post By Tina (Guest Post) (04/21/2004)
oops! made me think started to look and came across...the directions for a door couch....look at hgtv
"salvaging items" and the show was treasure makers! Episode trm-102 just incase you want to take a peek....very cool idea! good luck again! Tina
you can even print directions with pics!!


Post By TINA (Guest Post) (04/21/2004)
I am also looking to build my own as to living room size is too small for the over stuffed and priced stuff available! I saw this done on a show called decorating cents years ago! make a sofa out of discarded solid wood doors....a full size door layed side ways and a door cut in half, for the arms and ply wood put across for the the bottom part way down to be the seat and under the seat area is storage for baskets say with extra pillows and blankets or games they used a thick piece of foam and covered it with fabric for the cusion and throw pillows for the back! was very cool! good luck!


Post By Joe (Guest Post) (04/15/2004)
I can't find sofa plans. Here is a futon sofa plan for 9.95.

http://www.rockler.com/ecom7/showde ... _id=1604&objectgroup_id=232&catid=50

One problem is that when you search on build your own sofa you get a lot of companies that build your sofa to your specifications. If I come across anything else I'll post it.

Sources: http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf813909.tip.html


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I only found one

Build your own furniture, living room: The Conran system for building your own two- and three-seat sofa, armchair, corner unit, coffee table, unit seat by Terence Conran
Sources: http://www.amazon.com