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A guy shows he likes you by doing things that show he likes you. A guy will go jump through hoops to spend time.

The way you can tell if a guy likes you is that he moves mountains to spend time with you.


  • He will be wanting to spend time with you, even if that mean changing other plans or taking you with him.
  • You know he really likes you also by "doing" things to show he likes you.  It can be a gesture of some sort to make you happy and for you to know you are liked - such as doing something out of his comfort zone, maybe at your request, just to make you happy.
  • There will be gestures of romantic "passes".  From getting close to you to smell your perfume, to kissing you hello/goodbye, something to get next to you.
  • You can tell a guy really likes you also by him including you into his hobbies, activities, etc.  
  • Sometimes, a guy will also disappear when he realizes he likes a someone (for a short amount of time) however when he returns it is likely with stronger feelings and ready for whatever the next step is in the relationship.


Alltogether, you dont't want to have to figure out or wonder if a guy really likes you - he will likely tell you and show you if he really does.


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How To Tell If He Likes You - Top 20 Signs To Know If A Guy Really Likes You!

How do you tell if a guy likes you? That is the question that I always hear when a girl is asking to their friends about a guy that she starts getting interested to him.

Sometimes, it can be frustrating not knowing the whether he may feel the same way as you do. Sometimes we might think that he does like us but the fact might be the opposite.

Well, to know that a guy likes you then you have to read the signs from himself to know if he really likes to you or not. So, here are some signs to look for to know when a guy likes you:

1. He will make eye contact with you, then look away when your eyes meet.
2. He always be willing to help you or do you favors (like rides home, or physical work)
3. He will always look for you in a crowd, then when he finds you will act like he doesn't see you
4. He will laugh at all your jokes/will try to make you laugh.
5. He talks to his friends about you
6. He mentions activities that you are interested in so there is a chance for you two to do them together.
7. He will always find a reason to talk to you or touch you in any way.
8. He pokes fun at you, but in a nice way
9. He seems genuinely interested in what you have to say.
10. He remembers little things that you've talked about before a long time ago, and brings them up in conversations to let you know that he remembered.
11. He will always stare at you, and your friends may notice it too.
12. When you are talking with him and your friends, he will only comment on something that you say, or will look at you whenever he speaks.
13. He starts acting nicer when you're around him
14. He says "yes" to all the things you ask him to do
15. He treats you differently to other girls (He will make you feel special)
16. He looks at you a lot every time you smile or laugh
17. He finds any excuse to touch you or sit next to you
18. If you flirt with a friend of his when he can see, and he looks jealous or automatically flirts back
19. He asks about you to your friends when you're not around
20. He has cute little nicknames for you
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I have a situation that matches your question.
I like a guy I think he likes me. How do I know? Well he started sitting in this seat next to me in my class. One day I came in class late beacuase i had to take a test. He wasn't in that seat because I wasn't there and I know that.
So to answer your question, if you likea boy and you want to know if he likes you, look for these signs: he flickers his eyes at you constantly, he moves where you move and isn't there when your not, he teases you a lot and laughs at something you say thats not funny


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First, if he likes you, he'll flirt with you and go out the way to talk to you.

I think if a guy really likes you, he'd show alot of interest. Well initially when two people meet they are attracted to each other physically usually because there is nothing else to base initial attraction on besides looks, however as a relationship grows you get to know more about each other and most men will not stay with someone if they don't like there personality. Same goes for women too. Listen to details from friends of his or yours about your boyfriend. Is he known to be a womanizer, player etc. If that's the case its he most likely hasn't grown up enough yet to respect you for who you really are. Its usually pretty obvious if a guy is shallow or not. If your guy is always focused on sex or looking at other women while with you Id say he is most likely shallow and is with you because you are pretty and not because your a good girlfriend/person.
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You can ask him---if he feels like you are a sister, friend, or more...the direct approach is usually best...