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I hope you have a somewhat unique name!

Google (to my knowledge) doesn't provide the public with anything this specific. That said, however, there is a newer feature they are currently developing called Google(TM) Trends. The site has the tagline, "See what the world is searching for." I'm sure your task isn't the intent of this site, but it might just work. If you have a somewhat unique name (i.e. NOT john smith) it will show you how many searches and in what cities those searches came from. If you do have a fairly ubiquitius name, try adding some other details (your city, your state, or some other feature you think someone may use to find you). You can even add a group of searches by using a comma to separate them.

Hope this helps!
Sources: http://www.google.com/trends


Answer from Giovanni
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Only the searchengine owners (some of them) are able to do that

Google seems to be able to deliver every search everybody ever did (very scary). Yahoo's policy does not allow that (very good). Other engines have similar (like Yahoo) rules for themselves.

In general (except for Google) it is not possible to see who typed in your name
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Answer from Jayhawk082
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How can I find out if someone is searching for me on the internet?


Answer from tilms
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I donĀ“t think so

You won´t get that information from any search engine. A search engine might have information about how many times a name has been searched, but I doubt that will be a information you´ll get, unless your name has been searched a lot, as if you are Britney Spears or Tom Cruise. Moreover, specifically who is searching you.. Nah, you´ll never get that kind of information. Technically hard to keep that kind of information and againts privacy of whom is searching.


Answer from laurentdesrois
I am just looking for a particular friend who was in school with me at NewCollege of Florida. his name was Keith Hughes


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is am cute



Answer from Bluemama
Who's been searching for me?


Answer from nhra
who has searched me on facebook


Answer from kristoff
there are people who are trying to find somebody to get some information,., in this case they did everything to do something good or bad on that particular person,.,


Answer from OpheliaHynes
You can quite easily find out where your name is googled from. You can do it by setting up your own website (and tracking the traffic through Google Analytics), but a much easier way is to use a service dedicated to finding out who googles your name. To give you an example there is a service called StalkInfo.com. They will not only show you the locations of people googling you, but also their operating system and browser info.


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if you find out, please let me know