Answer from ebedner
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1-800 Dentist

I haven't used this site before, but have heard good things about it...


You can put in all your info there to find a reputable dentist in your area.

Or you can ask your doctor which dentist he or she goes to.  They would have a good general knowledge of the dentists in the area - they have to go to the dentist too.  :)
Sources: http://www.1800dentist.com/


Answer from kimplovely
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Do you have insurance?

If  you have insurance, I would check with the insurance company first. If not, Judysbook.com is a good place to read review of local dentist or any other shops. insiderpages.com is another good local review page. Citysearch.com also has some reliable stuff.
Sources: judysbook.com, insiderpages.com, citysearch.com


Answer from Maroongirl
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Here's how to find a good dentist

The American Dental Association has a good website that helps you find dentists. You can also contact them and they will help you find one-- www.ada.com.
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Answer from gpstalker
I wouldn't use 1-800-dentist! They sent me to a dentist who didn't know a thing about what I needed done and kept me hanging for more than a month. I looked in my local DEX online and read some reviews and found a great dentis who fixed me up in a week and 3 days. 1-800-dentist is paid by the dentists they recommend, it's not done by customer reviews. Don't go there!


Answer from movie-downloading
when you are looking for a dentist, try to find one with an in house dental plan that works like insurance. It is cheaper and if they have a good one, you can save lots of money. I have a dentist in gilbert http://santansmiles.com that has an in house plan that is awesome. As far as a good site online to find one, you can try yelp, they have reviews and ratings etc, 1 800 dentists is lame.