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A California King is longer but not as wide

Barring a custom mattress, the Eastern King size mattress, also known as Standard King, is the widest mattress available on the market at 76 inches wide. This is the mattress of choice for large adults or couples that want a lot of room for spreading out into their own personal space. It is 18 inches wider than a queen bed and allows each person 38 inches of room -- about the same amount of room as pushing two twin beds together would provide. The Eastern King size mattress comes with twin box springs that fit side-by-side for easy transportation. The width of this bed will require triple standard pillows or two extra large pillows. The only potential drawback of the Eastern King size mattress is that it is the same length as a queen bed, which may be too short for taller adults.

The California King, or Western King, is the longest bed on the market. At 84inches long, it is a full 4 inches longer than the Eastern King and a good choice for people six foot tall or more. Like it's wider cousin, it comes with two half-width or twin box springs. The only drawback of this mattress is that it is 4-inches narrower in width than the Eastern King.

Eastern (Standard) King Size Mattress: 76-inches wide x 80-inches long.

Western (California) King Size Mattress: 72-inches wide x 84-inches long.

If length is more important to you than width, the California King comes out on top. If the extra length is not required, the accommodating width of an Eastern King size mattress will be appreciated. Bed sheet sets should be purchased for the correct model bed. Standard King sets will not fit a California King size mattress, as the Standard fitted sheets will be too short.

Although manufacturers will offer to make mattresses to order in non-standard sizes, finding sheet sets to fit a custom king size mattress can be problematic. One solution is to have sheet sets made for you by a local fabric boutique, though this is an expensive option. However, whether your choice is the Eastern, California, or a custom-made king size mattress, you're sure to get a good night's rest on these large, comfortable beds.
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Cal king is made to fit a water bed frame

After the water bed craze of the 80's there were tons of people who had perfectly good bed frames and no mattresses that would fit. So they started making a matress in a different dimension, so that they would fit the existing frames. In general the Cal King is 4" longer and the regular king is 4" wider. Here are the dimension differences:


Cal King: 72" wide x 84" long

Regular King: 76" wide x 80" long

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California kings are narrower and longer...

A standard king is 76 inches x 80 inches (approximately)

A California king is 72 inches x 84 inches (approximately)


When buying a mattress, check to see if the mattress is thicker than normal, because then you'll need to buy "deep pocket" fitted sheets.  We ran into this problem when we bought our new Cal. king mattress.  The depth of the mattress is 15 inches and our sheets were only about 12 inches.   This meant new bedding.

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They have slightly different dimensions.

Regular King, or Eastern King mattresses, are a little wider than California Kings, and not as long. The Eastern King is the more popular of the two, but the further West you go, the more prevalent the California Kings will be.



King: 78" x 80"
California King: 72" x 84"


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Difference is in the size format

Regular King Size   : 76 in × 80 in
California King Size : 72 in × 84 in
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A CKing is longer, but more narrow than a normal king.

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