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Dark brown to Golden Blonde

There are 7 STAGES of hair color: Blond, black & 5 really gross colors of red.....when your hair is dark brown....if you try to lighten it with a box color or just perxiode...it will just go orange or red. BLEACH is the ONLY way to get dark brown up to the level you need....I would take it to a light blonde, then you can tone it gold. Just remember if this is all over, you roots will have to be done all the time. I have dark brown, and when I was blond for 7 years, I had to touch up my roots every 10 days.

Laymens are very confused..most seem to think Peroxide is bleach. These are 2 separate entitites. You need peroxide(or developer) to "develop" the process....coloring or bleach. Personally depending on your  lenght & condition of your hair, I would just have some golden highlights weaved in your dark brown...then you won't have to touch up your roots so often. Also please remember BLEACH is forever! Until its grown out & cut off...if you do it and hate it.....you just cannot go back to dark brown....the bleach will bleed thru every 20 shampoos, so you will have to keep coloring until it grows out and is removed. A weave is best option....get it done professinally.


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Go to a hairdresser

Dying dark hair blonde requires heavy bleaching before dying, normally in 2 steps, so if you don’t want to do that every 2 weeks yourself to cover growing hair it would be better to have this done by a professional. And you risk having a yellowish tinge in your blonde hair if you don’t bleach it sufficiently, whereas naturally lighter hair doesn’t.


Hair colors should not be more than 2 shades darker than the color you want to obtain for good results.


Have a look at the website of www.clairol.com to try the color on yourself with a photo before getting it died.


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Absolutely go to a professional who knows what they are doing, being born with black hair I tried many a time in my youthful days to dye my own hair blonde, I used every product on the shelf before I realized dark hair can not go to blonde from a box.  I never did go to a professional my hair has taken on a mind of its own and I am kind of calico at this point.  If you truly want blonde hair take the plunge spend the money go to a reputable salon and have it done by a PROFESSIONAL.

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DDo u use just the carmel highlight without the cap on ur whole head?


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Use a carmal color highlight with a cap, do it once.. Wait four weeks then highlight again. I went from dark brown to a very pretty natural looking blonde