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Just my opinion.....

In my opinion at least 25% more than what they go for at a decent store. Home-made anything is worth more than the store for sure. Anything exclusive can be charged even more but there needs to be justification for that. Initially if you charge too much the likely hood of them coming back is slim, if that is your intention in future.


Answer from danielpauldavis

Factor market value of ingredients first.

Then include time you'll be spending on the project and pay yourself at least minimum wage ($7.45? I don't remember). Then add whatever profit you thing you should make from the project: $0.00 if you're new at this and want to develop a business; $20.00 if you aren't doing this much at all.



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This depends on a few things. Are you doing this professionally? (As in a licensed home bakery.) Or are you doing this as a one time service? If you're a professional, you have some overhead involved and should charge accordingly. If this is a one time thing, I would take your ingredient cost plus ten percent, and then charge your time at $10 per hour. So, if your ingredients were $15, charge $16.50 for that, and if your time was 45 minutes, that's $7.50. $24 total.


I would do it for free.


You might consider computing your costs, and then doubling that number...