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I am completely straight.......

Although I am completely heterosexual, I am sure it is not just about the sex.  I do think that being gay or bi is becoming more trendy.  I think people are saying they are gay when they really aren't, just because so many people are trying the lifestyle at such a young age.


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Nearly all human behavior is about sex!!

Hi keko,



Sex is a central theme running through our consciousness on a constant hum. We are animals that have strong instincts but unlike other animals we are socialized into appropriate behavior.


Being gay is about genetics plus environment. We all run on a scale of sexuality from 1 to 10. Most of us are in between and settled in a gender.


A quote:

The arrangement of a mother's genes could affect the sexual orientation of her son, according to a new study.

The finding, detailed in the February issue of the journal Human Genetics, adds fuel to the decade-long debate about whether so-called "gay genes" might exist.

Most researchers now think that there is no single gay gene that controls whether a person is homosexual or not. Rather, it's the influence of multiple genes, combined with environmental influences, which ultimately determine whether a person is gay.


So they are just behaving according to their genetic makeup. Like straight people do.


I think the societal non acceptance of gay people has made them more aggressive and more 'out there' to show their sexuality and stuff any detractors. They may like to shock as a form of rebellion. Many straight teenagers like to shock as well to get at their parents!


So I do not think it is about sex but rather a deep psychological need for acceptance by society. We all need to be accepted, nourished and loved for who we are.

Our sexuality is not really important.



Sources: Study.


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No, it is a lifestyle choice

Let's face it, even if we boinked like bunnies, we would actually actively engage in sex only about 6 to 10% of our entire lifetime. So that being the case, it is more about what people choose to definte themselves as.


(Why define ourselves using sex at all, when clearly other roles like our occupation, parental status and so on, can be equallly if not more important-eg, doctor, vs gay doctor suddenly takes on a whole new meaning for some people, like mom, vs gay mom).


In one recent study, it claimed that only 3% of people were biologically definitely gay (however they defined that) whereas over 11% of the US population is living as gay. Therefore, it was concluded that the gay lifestyle is a choice, with people often opting out of heterosexual relationships because of the inherent pressures implied within it. 


As long as people keep sticking labels on things, people will get to define, and even attack the 'other'.


Perhaps you are right that the relationship dynamics are the same, but the stresses due to society are not-precisely because many will attack them or see them as disgusting, wrong, or just plain embarrassing. 


What 2 consenting adults do behind closed doors should be their own concern so long as they do not end up in the hospital or morgue.


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Love and sex

No being gay or lesbian is not about sex. It's about who you fall in love with



Comments on this question:

Homosexual and Bi-sexual describe and imply a sexual relationship. That is why 'sexual' is a part of the term.

Other terms describe platonic relationships (companions, perhaps) or physical conditions (Hermaphrodites) or sexual identities that don't necessarily imply sex (transexual, gender-neutral) or fetishes -- but the terms Homosexual ("Gay") and Bi-sexual DO IMPLY A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP.