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It's a music movement originally, but ...

On eBay EMO can mean "electronic money order" but I'm guessing that's not what you're driving at, really.  More broadly, emo as a word and not as an acronym has pop-cultural resonance as a musical movement:

Literally, emo is short for “emotional” and refers to emo-punk, a shortlived brand of garage music that stemmed from the collapse of the hardcore punk movement of the D.C. area. Politically charged hardcore bands burnt out on social change and began writing songs about heartbreak and personal relationships, calling for a new label: emotional punk. Although the true sound of emo, which relies on strained vocals and scraping electric guitar and bass work, died shortly after it’s birth, it did influence a broad range of punk music and ultimately opened the door for punk to abandon it’s political baggage and take the first step towards mainstream.

Now the word emo is used much more freely, diluting it’s meaning down to any song that’s sad and that people find moving. In a slightly more purist context, such as among music afficianados, emo means any music that showed elements of emo influence, or more commonly the growing blend of indie and punk. Emo is frequently, although not exclusively, acoustic, and almost always involved the strained-but-not-screaming vocals that were it’s most famous characteristic.

But the word emo goes beyond the music – usually to describe anything that could be legitimately found in the content of an emo song. “That is so emo” could mean anything from self-pitying to vaguely artistic, but always hinges on some sort of self-aware sadness. Black and white photographs are emo. Rain is emo. Chain-link fences are very emo. Abstract concepts can be emo, people can be emo, relationships can be emo – anything that demonstrated one of the deep emotional currents in that elaborate world known as teenage angst.

Hope that clarifies things a little.


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I guess you mean the music

it's a pouty, adolescent, goth-like, self-loathing, sad, bitter little genre of punk which has become much more mainstream of late.  I am quite a fan of some early work.  My favourite band is Bright Eyes and lead singer Conor Oberst is probably the godfather of emo.  It's about being 15, pissed off, wearing too much eyeliner and being sexually ambiguous, hating the suburbs, your mom's Volvo, your stepfather and aren't sure if you want you want to live to see 20.  Technically the term comes from Emotional Punk.


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I'm don't quite know what you mean

There are actually many definitions, so I had copied for you Wikipedia's basic categories and some descriptions:


Emo may refer to:

In music:

  • Emo (music), a genre of rock music
  • Emo (slang), a slang term used to describe a wide range of fashion styles and attitudes somewhat affiliated with emo music
  • Emo (album), an album by Screeching Weasel
  • "Emo", a song by Blink-182 from their Dude Ranch album

In business:

  • Emo (oil), an Irish oil company and filling station chain


  • How to be: Emo, an internet movie explaining the subculture of emo and emo music




EMO may stand for:

Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EMO


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It appears to be in reference to a style

A style related to a type of cult following(not that kind of cult) of the band EMO.It’s mostly fashion related,as indicated by some of your clarifications.Click on any blue lettered text to see sources.

 Read this wikipedia article for more.



 Emo fashion information can be found in this link


This link tells about emo hair styles.It’s a forum,so you can read a wide variety of input there.


 This link talks about the music itself.



 Urbandictionary is another type of blog post where you can find positive and negative views of this style.

Sources: Numerous,all sited by source.


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I must be out of it too!

I believe I've gathered that it means you've gone all emotional. So it's generally used in a negative fashion.


Here is a great website for chatspeak that normally never fails. Sadly it lacks EMO...but perhaps it is to come shortly. You may be amazed at all of the abbreviations it does have. Ah, the net never fails to amaze me.